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Motorized Test Stand ESM1500

The ESM1500 is a highly configurable single-column force tester for tension and compression measurement applications up to 1,500lbf (6.7kN).Suitable for laboratory and production environments. The ESM1500 may be used with an indicator-load cell combination or with a force gauge. With generous travel, clearance, and depth dimensions, a wide range of tests can be performed, including break testing, cycling, limit testing to a load of distance, load holding, elongation testing, tensile testing, compression testing, and more. The ESM1500 has a unique, modular function platform. Individual functions, such as travel measurement, cycling, load holding, etc. may be purchased either upfront or enabled in the field trough an activation code. This a-la-carte platform allows for custom configuration as appropriate for the application and budget. 

Force and travel data can be output to a PC for graphic and analysis using MESUR™gauge software, or fully control the stand by PC through a custom-written program in any language supporting ASCll communications.

Max. Force:         1,500lbf (6.7kN)
Speed Range:     0.001-90in/min
Max. Travel:        32in (813mm)
Max. Clearance:  37in (940mm)
Throat Depth:      6.7in (170mm)


7i Torque/Force Indicator   

Force Gauges & Indicators                                            

Ordering Information:
ESM1500 LCLoad Cell MountMotorizedNo.: 25-51-00
ESM1500 FGForce Gauge MountMotorizedNo.: 25-51-01
AC1055Base PlateMatrix of threaded holesNo.: 25-51-02
AC1054Base PlateMultiple center hole threadsNo.: 25-51-03
AC1045Eye end Force Gauge#10-32FNo.: 25-51-05
AC-1045-1Eye End Force Gauge5/16-18FNo.: 25-51-06
AC-1047-3R01 Load Cell1/4-28MNo.: 25-51-07
AC1047-2R01 Load Cell M5-1000/M5-2000 Force Gauge1/2-20MNo.: 25-51-08
AC1057Mounting Kit Force GaugeNo.: 25-51-09
AC1056Mounting KitLoad CellNo.: 25-51-10
Controller Options:
SF008FollowMeâ„¢ Force-based Manual PositioningNo.: 25-51-12
SF009Travel Indication USB outputNo.: 25-51-13
SF010Computer control via USBNo.: 25-51-14
SF011Programmable travel limitsNo.: 25-51-15
SF012Overload protection IntegratedNo.: 25-51-16
SF013Auto returnNo.: 25-51-17
SF014Cycling / dwell timeNo.: 25-51-18
SF016Up and down Speed IndependentNo.: 25-51-19
SF017Extended speed range LowNo.: 25-51-20
SF018Extended speed range HighNo.: 25-51-21
SF019Break detectionNo.: 25-51-22
SF020Load holdingNo.: 25-51-23
SF021Preload / sample touchNo.: 25-51-24
SF022ProfilesNo.: 25-51-25
SFCOMPComplete Options Package ESM1500No.: 25-51-26