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Motorized Model TSFM500-DC & TSFM500H-DC Test Stands

The TSFM-DC is a Motorized Force Test Stand designed for tension and compression testing of springs, packaging, metals, fabrics and other items requiring up to 500 lbf (2,200 N) of force. Generous clearance and throat depth accommodate a broad range of sample shapes and sizes. The durable and rigid column minimizes bend, making it particularly well suited for spring testing. Use this Test Stand with any Mark-10 Force Gauge and grips to create your complete testing solution.

Speed is adjustable and a remote control unit provides added safety during testing. Other include a manual fine adjustment knob and a stepper motor that prevents speed variation with load, making testing precise and repeatable. Adjustable upper and lower travel limit switches are provided.

Max. Force:         500lbf (2,200N)
Speed Range:     0.01 - 6 in/min (0.2 - 150 mm/min)
Max. Travel:        4.0 in (102mm)
Speed accuracy: +/-0.2 of setting +/-0% variation with load 
Loading Table with 25 #10-32 UNF holes for fixture mounting

Power Requirements: 110 Volts AC

United Testing Systems Canada Limited will ensure compliance with National Standards for all Test Stands sold, ESA Compliance and Certification.

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Ordering Information:
TSFM500-DCVertical Test Stand MotorizedNo.: 25-52-00
TSFM500H-DC Horizontal Test Stand MotorizedNo.: 25-52-01
TSF001Digital travel Display6in / 150mmNo.: 25-52-02
09-1066CableTravel Display MitutoyoNo.: 25-52-03
MRS100AAdapterCommunications to RS232No.: 25-52-04
09-1162Cable multi-functionForce Gauge to DC controllerNo.: 25-52-05
09-1056Cable serialDC controller to RS-232No.: 25-52-06
RSU100AdapterCommunication, RS-232 to USBNo.: 25-52-07
TSF002Wall mounting kitHorizontalNo.: 25-52-08