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Flex Fixture Gypsum Board ASTM C-473
Transverse Flex Fixture 5 kN
Wood Transverse Fixture
Transverse Fixture 3 & 4 Point
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Testing Type Flexural

Flexural also called Flex or Bend test is commonly performed to measure the flexural strength and modulus of all types of materials. Flexural Modulus - This measurers the slope of a stress / strain curve. Flexural Strength - This measurers the maximum force that the material withstands before it breaks. Yeld Point - The yeald point is the point where the material essentially breaks.

ASTM D7774 Flexural Fatigue Test Equipment for Plastics.

ASTM D6272 Four Point Flexural Bend Test Machine for Plastics and Insulating Materials.


Flex Fixture Gypsum Board ASTM C-473
United Flex Fixture for flexural test of Gypsum Board ASTM C-473
Transverse Flex Fixture 5 kN
United Transverse Flex Fixture (WO Deflection Coil) Three & Four Pont Loading.
Wood Transverse Fixture
United Transverse Flexure Fixture Three and Four Point Loading  ASTM D-6109 Plastic Lumber.
Transverse Fixture 3 & 4 Point
United Transverse Flexure Fixture ASTM D-198, Three (3) and (4) Point Loading.