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Medical Device & Pharmaceutical

Medical devices and pharmaceutical products must conform to numerous industry and internally developed standards to ensure proper functioning and patient safety. To assess their performance and quality force and torque measurement products can be critical. From measuring syringe activation force to pill crush force to suture strength.


►Tensile Strength of Orthodontic Wire, ►Stopcock Torque, ►Dental and Bone Screw Torque, ►Needle Penetration Force, ►Tablet Crush Force, ►Suture Strength, ►Packaging Peel Force, ►Syringe Plunger Force, ►Tubing Connector Pull-Force, ►Catheter Torque, ►Luer Lock Torque, ►Adhesive Strength of Bandages.

United SSTM Universal Electro Mechanical Testing Machine
The United  Model SSTM Universal Electro Mechanical Testing Machine  is a computer inclusive, electromechanical universal (tension and compression)  test system designed to accommodate a variety of testing instruments and accessories to test various types of material including ceramics, plastics, polymers, metals & composites range  0.5 kN to 20 kN. United 'SMART' Testing Machines meet the requirements of ASTM E-8, ASTM E-9 and ASTM E-83.
Test Stand ES Series
The ES 05 to ES 30 manual Force Measurement Test Stands are ideal for low force applications they are versatile and economical solution for most compression and tensile testing applications. It can accept a wide variety of sample shapes and sizes and can be configured in many positions due to modular design. Precision hand wheel operation enables the user to easily and accurately test up to 200 lbf 1000 N of force. Use with any Mark-10 Force Gauge and grips to create a complete testing solution.
Wheelchair Fixture
United Wheelchair Fixture used in compression for testing wheelchairs with 30 inches (762mm) diameter.