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United DATUM Software

United Testing System Software

United features Microsoft Windows® software programs for United tensile testing machines. From single test method programs to our DATUM software packages, United product software is known for its versatility and ease of use.

Here are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding the installation, operation and configuration of the DATUM Materials Testing Software Program.

DATUM is a software program for conducting advanced materials testing using United Computerized Universal Testing Machines. This software offers unique features, unavailable from other testing system manufacturers.

    • DATUM 5i is United’s latest materials testing software for use with our advanced SMART tensile test frames that feature USB-connectivity for test frame motion control and data acquisition. DATUM 5i runs on commercially available PC workstations such as those from Dell® and Hewlett-Packard®. Be sure to try out the Video Demonstration. It steps you through a typical test session.
    • Click here to see VIDEO - DATUM 5i SIMULATION DEMO

Both versions of DATUM include a full-featured Microsoft Access® database that permits your test data or test reports to be seamlessly integrated with other Microsoft Office® applications including MS Excel® and MS Word® and most advanced system enterprise database software.

United SMART testing systemsthat are running DATUM 4 may be upgraded to DATUM 5i and USB-connectivity with an available USB hardware and software upgrade package.

DATUM software operates in an integrated fashion, providing a systematic means to:

    • Develop test profiles in accordance with ASTM, other agencies or independent testing standards. Select results from pre-calculated data.
    • Choose from ready made test report forms which include such as Tensile Strength, Modulus of Elasticity, Elongation at Break, or other computable results or define your own customized output report structures.
    • Prepare for a testing session by allowing entry of pertinent sample information for the session as well as individual specimen details, including dimensional measurements where required.
    • Conduct the actual test with automated machine control and data acquisition.
    • Generate publication-quality reports and data curves for an individual test session.

DATUM is easy to use

After selecting a test method and entering information concerning the test sample, measurements of individual specimens to be tested   are entered. "Batch Mode" reduces data entry when specimens have identical dimensions. Point and Click to start the test with real time plot. Sophisticated routines set markers and perform calculations in accordance with your test method requirements as set up in the Template Manager.

Test results are automatically transferred to the MS Access database. This allows you apply the query tools and other powerful resources of MS Access to the analysis of your data. In addition, you can generate publication quality reports and graphs and even transfer data and curves to any compatible spreadsheet program for additional analysis.

DATUM Provides A High-Degree Of Customization And Control

Using the Report Design area, test operators can select what types of information appear on each field of the report.

Laboratory administrators are able to specify numerous security options for each user of the test system. These options range from what tasks a user is allowed to perform on the test system to what type of data he or she is able to view. DATUM 5i is also multi-lingual, providing for testing in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish as well as offering extensibility to other languages.

Test results are presented dynamically, allowing the operator to change how test data are presented on-the-fly by changing the  omponents of the graph.


DATUM Is Backward-Compatible

Using the import feature, users who upgrade to version 5i from most previous versions of DATUM can safely import test data, templates, and other settings into the new version with little effort.

DATUM Version 5i is also multi-lingual providing for testing in English. German, French, Italian and Spanish as well as offering extensibility to other languages.

Windows® and Access® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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