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Load Cells, Dynamometers, Grips, & Fixtures

United offers a large range of Load Cells Grips and Fixtures. The range extends from simple clamps, for example for plastics, textile rubber and paper specimens via wedge and hydraulic grips (for example for the finest wires or high strength steel specimens) to pressure and working plates for building materials, packaging and components supplemented by bending and folding fixtures for chipboard, testing of welded connections, etc.


United's Load Cells are designed to precisely measure the amount of force (load) applied to the specimen being tested. Available in single or dual bridge, United load cells offer the flexibility of using two readouts simultaneously, if desired. Constructed to meet ASTM E-4 requirements.

Remote Load Cells Series MR01, MR02, MR03 are used with M5i and M3i Indicators  just plug and test. Series R01

EDXtreme and EDjunior series are precision Instruments that display the force in tension between two attached shackles. 

Standard Width 1" and 2 ". Wider Grips on request. Black oxide finish. Heat-treated interchangeable inserts. Aircraft-quality high strength alloy steel. Capacities of 1K, 5K, 20K, 30K, 60K lbf. Inserts available: standard, special ground, file, pin.
1,000 to 60,000 lbf capacity. Flat or V-style inserts, 1" or 2" wide. Moveable grip body, stationary inserts. Handwheel activated sure-grip unit. Configured for quick attachment & removal. High-strength aluminum or steel alloy. Black anodize or black oxide finish.
4:1 clamping pressure. Foot switch operation. Interchangeable inserts. Rubber or serrated faces. Black oxide finish. High strength alloy steel. Other air-operated grips available with capacity up to 120,000 lbf.
Use for testing rubber dogbone-type samples per ASTM D-412. Made of high-strength aluminum with black anodized finish. Positive action gripping. Serrated insert faces. Able to handle capacities up to 1,000 lbf. Rapid loading. Self-centering.

United Transverse Flexure Fixture Three and Four Point Loading  ASTM D-6109 Plastic Lumber.

United Transverse Flexure Fixture ASTM D-198, Three (3) and (4) Point Loading.

United Transverse Flex Fixture (WO Deflection Coil) Three & Four Pont Loading.

United Flex Fixture for flexural test of Gypsum Board ASTM C-473

United Shear Fixture Parallel to Grain Test Wood. ASTM D-143

United Wheelchair Fixture used in compression for testing wheelchairs with 30 inches (762mm) diameter.

United Coefficiant of Friction Fixture ASTM D-1894

Used in compression testing of samples. Made of hardened steel for wear and durability. Centering rings for sample alignment. Capacity ranging up to 135,000 lbf (600 kN). Black oxide finish for protection.

Pneumatic Clamping Operation with 1-14" Female Thread on both ends.

United Transverse Rupture Unit for Carbide requires 2.5" diameter compression plates.

United DAT-18-CUP Test Measuring Unit with Optical Encoder, Rotating Chuck and Micrometer with rolling foot.

United Transverse Flexue Fixture (9kN) with Deflection Coil. Complies with ASTM D 790. 

United STD-75-CF Compression Fixture (ASTM-D-3410).

The G1110 is designed for determining the puncture resistance of plastic films and other materials up to 1,000 lbF (5 kN), in conformance with ASTM D5748. Four toggle clamps and a compression ring with concentric ridges effectively secure the material, while the included plunger with ball probe stretches and ruptures the sample.

The G1111 secures textile webbing, tape, and braided materials typically used in construction, shipping, and other industrial uses. The grip is ideal for conformance to ASTM D6775 and related standards, accommodating a wide range of sample widths and forces up to 2,000 lbF (10 kN).

Ultra-lightweight and subcompact force sensors for measuring compression and tension loads in a limited space environment.