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Pneumatic Grips (Air Grips)
  • 4:1 clamping pressure.
  • Foot switch operation.
  • Interchangeable inserts.
  • Rubber or serrated faces.
  • Black oxide finish.
  • High strength alloy steel.
  • Other air-operated grips available with capacity up to 120,000 lbf.
Screw Action Grips
SG-10Screw Action Grips50 Lbf (25Kg)
SG-10-10Screw Action Grips10kN (500 lbf)
SG-10-500Screw Action Grips2.5kN (500 lbf)
SG-10--5KN-SSScrew Action Grips5kN (1125 lbf)
SG-100-1Pneumatic Action Grips5N (1 lbf)
SG-100-50Pneumatic Action Grips250N (50 lbf)
SG-100-500Pneumatic Action Grips500 lbf
SG-107-1KPneumatic Action Grips5Kn (1K)
SG-109-5KPneumatic Action Grips25Kn (5K)