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Electronics & Components Testing

Several key performance indicators of electronics involve the use of force measurement. Components must be soldered or otherwise joined such that the assembly withstands the rigors of time and mechanical stresses. Individual components, printed circuit boards, wiring, and finished assemblies are tested in virtually every industry, from aerospace to consumer products to medical devices. Typical applications include tensile, bend, pull-off, shear, adhesive/bond, peel, delamination, and other forces to help ensure product performance and reliability.


►Switch Force Activation, ►PCB Bend Testing, ►Wire Crimp Pull Testing, ►Component Pull-Off Testing, ►Component Shear Testing, ►Peel Strength, ►Keypad Testing, ►Connector Insertion/Withdrawal Force.

Shore Durometers
MicroStar Digital SI-100 series Shore Durometers offer average computing power, integrated design, small volume, light weight and are easy to operate. Units give intuitive readings and have an automatic shutdown function. Use USB data output, RS-232 data output and "Bluetooth" data output option.
Film Testing
United Testing Systems Canada offers a wide selection of Computerized or Manual Test Stands to meet your Film  testing requirements.