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MicroStar Ultrasonic Portable Hardness Tester SU-300

The MicroStar Ultrasonic Portable Hardness Tester Model SU-300 is designed to test hardness of metals on flat, round, thin or large surfaces.

Ultrasonic MicroStar Hardness Tester SU-300 apply ultrasonic contact impedance method to comparative hardness measurement for testing samples, with the advantage of high accuracy, efficiency, portable, easy operation and non-destructive measurement. Standard delivery; includes manual Ultrasonic Probe. 

Accuracy: ± 3%HV, ± 3%HB, ± 1.5%HR, +/-5%HLD. 

Measuring Range: (50-999)HV, (20-70)HRC, (85-650)HB, (170-960)HLD.

Order No.: 75-15-00

Large LCD Display: Displays measurement results, time count, maximum, minimal, average and deviation.

Data Storage: Stores 2000 groups of measurement data.

Conforms to ASTM-A1038-05, DIN 50159-1-2008 Standards. 

Standard Accessories: Base Instrument, 2kg  Manual Ultrasonic Probe, Cable, Battery and Battery Charger Screw Driver and Carry Case. 

Optional Accessories:
Model:Type:Part No.:
HP-1K1Kg Manual Probe75-15-01
HP-5K5Kg Manual Probe75-15-03
HP-1010Kg Manual Probe75-15-04
Test BlockHRC customer to specify-----------
Test BlockHRV customer to specify-----------
Support RingPlan75-15-06
Support RingSmall75-15-15
Support RingLarge75-15-16
Test StandMU 30075-15-05
Probes Manual or Motorized
Manual Pobe HP-1KHP-2KHP-5KHP-10K
Loading Force10N20N50N98N
Motorized ProbeMP-300MP-500MP=1000
Loading Force3N5N10N
Specific Hardness Values
Probes with different indentation depth (h,µm)
Probe TypeHP-1KHP-2KHP-5KHP-10K
Specific Hardness Values
Probes with different indentation dialogue length mean value (h,µm)
Probe TypeHP-1KHP-2KHP-5KHP-10K