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United Universal Hydraulic DFM Series

United High Capacity Smart Universal Hydraulic Floor Model DFM tension and compression testing machines with computer control are available with capacities from 300 kN (67,500 lbf) to 2,000 kN (450,000 lbf). Available with extended columns. United 'SMART' Testing Machines meet the requirements of ASTM E-8, ASTM E-9 and ASTM E-83.

United Testing Systems Canada Limited will ensure compliance with National Standards for all Tensile Testing Machines sold, ESA Compliance and Certification.

Power Requirements: 230V, 60Hz, 10A, Three Phase.

Testing Machine Accessories



DFM Series Load Frame Specifications
Capacity (kN)3006001,0002,000
Capacity (lbf)67,500135,000225,000450,000
Load Accuracy (2% to 100% Capacity)+/- 0.5%+/- 0.5%+/- 0.5%+/- 0.5%
Load MeasurementLoad CellLoad CellLoad CellLoad Cell
Encoder Resolution0.0005mm (0.00002in)0.0005mm (0.00002in)0.0005mm (0.00002in)0.0005mm (0.00002in)
Max. Ram Stroke (mm)250250250250
Adjustable Speed (mm/min)300300200100
Max Test Space (mm)7007007001,100
Max Compression Space (mm)630630680850
Width of Test Space Between Columns440480570750
Max Ram Speed (mm/min)100100100100
Max Ram Speed w/ Option200200200N/A
Grip TypeHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Flat Inserts Sample (mm)0-250-300-400-60
V-Inserts Sample (mm)14-3613-4020-6030-80
Compression Plates Diameter (mm)120120150200
Bend Flex Fixture Span (mm)600600600800
Max Bend/Flex Sup140140140140
Load Frame Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
Load Frame Dimensions750x580x2,100770x600x2,150900x670x2,3501,300x900x3,5230
Weight Load Frame2,400 Kg (5,300 lbs)2,600 Kg (5,700 lbs)3,700 Kg (8,200 lbs)9,800 Kg (21,600 lbs)
Weight Control Unit265 Kg (580 lbs)265 Kg (580 lbs)265 Kg (580 lbs )265 Kg (580 lbs)
Weight Computer & Monitor 16 Kg (36 lbs) 16 Kg (36 lbs)16 Kg (36 lbs)16 Kg (36 lbs)
Standard Accessories
Hydraulic Grips, Flat Inserts, "V" type Inserts, Bend/flex Fixture, Compression Plates.