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Rockwell Test Block Standards & Accessories ASTM-E18 ISO 6508

We offer a complete range of Standardized Rockwell Hardness Test Blocks and Indenters. HRC Test Blocks are directly traceable to NIST. Each Standardized Rockwell HardnessTest Block is supplied with a traceable ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Certificate. All our Rockwell Test Blocks meet the requirements of ASTM-E18 available with GRID etching.


Standardized Test Blocks Regular Scales:
Scale:Penetrator:Load:Range:Part No.:
A ScaleDiamond60 Kg 20 - 84HTA-220-CD
B Scaler1/16" Ball100 Kg40 - 100HTA-242-BI
C ScaleDiamond150 Kg20 - 65HTA-220-CD
D ScaleDiamond100 Kg40 - 75HTA-220-CD
E Scale1/8" Ball100 Kg70 - 100HTA-244-BI
F Scale1/16" Ball60 Kg60 - 100HTA-242-BI
G Scale1/16" Ball150 Kg30 -94HTA-242-BI
H Scale1/8" Ball60 Kg80 - 100HTA-244-BI
K Scale1/8" Ball150 Kg40 - 100HTA-244-BI
L Scale1/4" Ball:60 Kg105 - 126HTA-255-TC
P Scale1/4" Ball150 Kgl63 - 119HTA-255-TC
R Scale1/2" Ball60 Kg114HTA-257-TC
S ScaleTA-271-HRSW1/2" Ball100 Kg105HTA-257-TC
V Scale1/2" Ball150 Kgper ASTMHTA-257-TC
M Scale1/4" Ball100 Kg86-123HTA-255-TC
Standardized Superficial Test Block Scales:
Part No.:Scale:Indenter:Load:Range:
HTA-270-HR15N15N N Diamond 15 Kg70 - 92
HTA-270-HR30N30N N Diamond 30 Kg42 - 82
HTA-270-HR45N45NN Diamond 45 Kg20 - 72
HTA-271-15TW15T 1/16" Ball15 Kg58 - 97
HTA-271-30TW30T 1/16" Ball30 Kg28 - 87
HTA-271-45TW45T 1/16" Ball45 Kg10 - 72
Part No.:Description:
HTA-060-FAFlat Anvil 1-1/2"
HTA-080-FAFlat Anvil 1-1/4"
HTA-080-SASpot Anvil 1/4"
HTA-080-SAMSpot Anvil 1/4" Metric
HTA-085-LSASpot Anvil 1/2"
HTA-090-VAVee Anvil 1-1/2"
HTA-090-VAMVee Anvil 1-1/2" Metric
HTA-100-RVAVee Anvil 1/4"
HTA-110-VAVee Anvil 3-1/2"
HTA-130-DSADiamond Spot Anvil
HTA-070-FAFlat Anvil 2-1/2"
Certified Tungsten Carbide Balls:
Part No.:Description:
HTA-251-TC1/16" Ball
HTA-252-TC1/8" Ball
HTA-255-TC1/4" Ball
HTA-257-TC1/2" Ball