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The Pre-Owned M-400-G1 Hardness Tester is a direct read device used for Vickers as well as Knoop hardness measurements. 

RSH Hydraulic parallel-acting Grips are suitable for tension and compression testing on hydraulic and electro-mechanical testing machines. The Grips center the test object - flat specimens, round specimens or components by means of clamping pistons which move at the right angles to the direction of testing. The clamping force is adjustable, enabling successive testing of high-strength and soft material to be performed without necessitating any changes. RSH 10kN, RSH 100kN and RSH 600kN.

Precision Load Cells 10kN, 100kN, 600kN, designed specifically for all types of materials and structures testing, including high frequency fatigue tests. 

100kN and 630kN Load Cells with Hydraulic Grip RSH 100.