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Diamond Indenters & Penetrators ASTM-E18 ISO 6508

Each diamond Indenter is mounted in conformity with its grain structure to assure balanced pressure and prevent early wear or breakage, precision ground, lapped and polished. We also subject each diamond indenter to a strict performance test before it is approved and certified for sale. All diamonds and indenters are supplied with a traceable ISO/IEC 17025 accredited certificate and meet the requirements of ASTM-E18 and ASTM-E384. 





Rockwell Diamond Indenters
Stock Items:
Order No.:Description:Working Grade: Calibration Grade:
HTA-220-CDUNITED "C" ScaleClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-225-CN-BUNITED "C & N" ScaleClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-230-NDUNITED "N "Scale Carbide Class "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-235-VECVersitron ® "C" Scale TaperedClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-235-VENVersitron ® "N" Scale TaperedClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-236-NICVersitron ® "C" ScaleClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-236-NINIndentron ® "N" TaperdClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-237-VEDT-CVersitron ® "C" TaperedClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-237-VEDT-NVersitron ® "N" TaperedClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-241-MO-CClark ® "C" Scale MobileClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-241-MO-AAmes ® "C" Scale MobileClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-241-MOWilson ® "C" ClampClass "B" ASTM E18-14
Rockwell Ball Indenters:
Stock Items:
Order No.:Desciption: Working Grade:Calibration Grade:
HTA-242-BIUNITED 1/16" BallClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-244-BIUNITED 1/8" BallClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-246-BIUNITED 1/4" BallClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-248-BIUNITED 1/2" BallClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-243-BINIndentron ® 1/16" BallClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-244-BINIndentron ® 1/8" Ball Class "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-238-BINVersirtron ® 1/16" BallClass "B" ASTM E18-14
HTA-244-BIVVersitron ® 1/8" BallClass "B" ASTM E18-14