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Motorized Test Stands Series ESM303 & ESM303H

The ESM 303 Motorized Force Measurement Test Stands are a versatile and precise testing solution for most tension and compression testing applications up to 300 lbf. (1.5 kN) for laboratory and production environments. The Test Stands can perform a wide variety of tests, including break testing, cycling, limit testing to a load distance and more. Speed is adjustable in up and down directions and a remote control unit provides added safety during testing. Other features include a manual fine adjustment knob and a stepper motor that prevents speed variation with load, making testing precise and repeatable. Use this Test Stand with any Mark-10 Force Gauge and grips to create a complete testing solution.

Standard Features:

  • Selectable speed setting.
  • Upper and lower travel limit switches.
  • Adjustable, removal controller with intuitive menu navigation.
  • Password protection of test parameters.
  • Integrated electronics panel, easily removed and transported.
  • USB output of force vs. time or force vs. travel.
  • Stepper motor-driven, producing smooth and quiet operation with no load speed variation under load.
  • Compact footprint, suitable for crowded workbenches. 
  • Adjustable mounting plate with T-slot base.

Max. Force:         300lbf (1.5kN)
Speed Range:     0.02-45 in/min (0.5 - 1,110 mm/min)
Max. Travel:        18.0 in (457mm)
Max. Clearance:  20.0 in (508mm) extensions available
Throat Depth:      3.0 in (76mm)

United Testing Systems Canada Limited will ensure compliance with National Standards for all Test Stands sold, ESA Compliance and Certification.

Force Gauges & Indicators

Ordering Information:
ESM303Vertical Test Stand MotorizedNo.: 25-50-00
ESM303HHorizontal Test Stand MotorizedNo.: 25-50-01
ESM-303-001-1Single Column Extension6 inNo.: 25-50-05
ESM-303-001-2Single Column Extension12 inNo.: 25-50-06
ESM-303-001-3Single Column Extension24 inNo.: 25-50-07
ESM-303-002-1Double Column Extension6 inNo.: 25-50-08
ESM-303-002-2Double Column Extension12 inNo.: 25-50-09
ESM-303-002-3Double Column Extension24 inNo.: 25-50-10
09-1214Interface cableGauge/Indicator to ESM303No.: 25-50-11
09-1158USBOutput CableNo.: 25-50-13
AC1062Mounting Kit Load Cell / IndicatorNo.: 25-50-14
Controller Options:
AF008FollowMeâ„¢ Force-based Manual PositioningNo.: 25-50-16
AF009Travel indicationNo.: 25-50-17
AF010Computer control via USBNo.: 25-50-18
AF011Programmable travel limitsNo.: 25-50-19
AF012Overload protection IntegratedNo.: 25-50-20
AF013Auto returnNo.: 25-50-21
AF014Cycling / dwell timeNo.: 25-50-22
AF016Independent up and down speedsNo.: 25-50-23
AF017Extended speed range LowNo.: 25-50-24
AF018Extended speed range High No.: 25-50-25
AF019Break detectionNo.: 25-50-26
AF020Load holdingNo.: 25-50-27
AF021Preload / sample touchNo.: 25-50-28
AF022ProfilesNo.: 25-50-29
AFCOMPComplete Options package ESM303No.: 25-50-30
AFCOMPHComplete Options package ESM303 HNo.: 25-50-31