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Micro Hardness Tester AutoVicky ZVK-1000F

AutoVicky ZVK-1000F series are fully automatic Micro Vickers snd Knoop Hardness Tester with motorized X-Y stage, auto-focus system, auto-indentation and Twin Vickers / Knoop Indenters. Accuracy conforms to ASTM-E-92/E-384 and ISO 6507, 9385, 4545..

The fully automatic Hardness Tester AutoVicky ZVK-1000F is equipped with auto Focus, with high resolution optic system and 3A Software and PC system. 3A software can realize auto focus and auto hardness measurements if the indentation is larger than 8um. Auto Measurement Software 3A can control Hardness Tester and data communication, including Objectives and Indenter switching, auto loading, dwell and unloading, single or multiple indentations, set step distance, movement mode, auto record indentation dialog line and hardness value, auto generate CHD depth and hardness curve, error statistics, test times group statistics, generate Exel and Word format report.

The 3A Hardness Automation Software provides the user an efficient and fully automated environment to develop and execute tests that maximize the precision of the system with the minimum investment of time possible.

Test Loads: 10gf (98.07mN) 25gf (245.2mN) 50gf (490.3mN)100gf (980.7mN) 200gf (1961mN) 300gf (2942mN) 500gf (4903mN) 1000gf (9807mN) 

United Testing Systems Canada Ltd. will ensure compliance with National Standards for all Hardness Testers sold, ESA Compliance and Certification.

Order No.: 95-69-00

Hardness Testers Accessories


Loading Control:Full auto loading dwell and unloading
Auto Turret:Indenter and positions controlled by 3A software
Motorized Platform:Precision programable X-Y Stage 100 x 100 mm
Auto Measurement Software:Machine control, CHD-Measurement, Route-plan function
Magnification of Microscope:Observation: 400x Objective 40x and Eyepiece 10x
Magnification of Microscope:Observation: 100x Objective 10x Eyepiece 10x
Mix. Measuring unit:0.1my (0.01my for TS type)
Max. Sample Height:90mm
Instrument throat Depth:110mm
Dwell Time:Adjustable 5 - 99 seconds
Hardness ScaleHV and HK
X-Y Stage Motorized: Dimensions 200 x 180mm X-Y travel Max. 100 x 100mm, Min. micro graduation 1um
Light Source:LED Illuminator
Photographic Capability:(Option)
Dimensions:W 190 x D 430 x H 520 mm
Weight:80 Kg
Power Supply:AC 110-120 60HZ Single Phase
Standard Delivery:Quantity:
Main Unit with auto-turret and Loading System1
Color touch screen control operating panel1
10 x Digital Measuring Microscope1
Objective x 10 (built-in)1
Objective x 40 (built-in)1
Diamond Indenter, Pyramid, HV/HK (built-in) 2
Auto stage and auto-focus system 1
LED illuminator (built-in)1
Power & electronic voltage power supply1
Leveling Legs4
Camera Adapter 0.5 x and 1.3M pixel CMOS camera System1
Standard Test Block (HV700, HV400)2
Dell Computer host and 21.5" LCD monitor Windows 10.051
Machine stage controller1
Hardness testing Software and Operation manual1
Machine Cover1
Auxilliary Tools (Screw Driver: 1pc)1
Instruction and Maintenance Manual1