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Tensilkut Tensilbits and Templates, standard specifications available for Tensilkut machines.

TypeGaugeModelCapacityTensilkut Series
ASTM-E8.50050-12 to 50-18.00110 -10 to 20-60
Micro Tensile.25050-22 to 50-28.00110-10 to 20-60
TypeGaugeModelCapacity Tensilkut Series
ASTM D638 Type II Tensile.50050-42 to 50-48.01110-10 to 20-60
ASTM D638 Type II Tensile.25050-51 to 50-54.01510-10 to 20-60
ASTM 1822 Tensile ImpactType S50-61 to 50-64.01510-10 to 20-60
ASTM 1822 Tensile ImpactType L50-66 to 50-69.01510-10 to 20-60
ASTM D790 Flexure.50050-71 to 50-74.01510-10 to 20-60
ASTM D790 Flexure1.00050-76 to 50-79.01510-10 to 20-60
ASTM D695 CompressionGauge Section50-81 to 50-84.01510-10 to 20-60
ASTM D695 CompressionSquare Ends50-86 to 50-89.01510-10 to 20-60
ASTM D412Die C50-91 to 50-94.01510-10 to 20-60
ASTM D412Die D50-96 to 20-99.01510-10 to 20-60
TensilbitFlute/TypeApplicationUse w/Tensilkut
40-622/solid carbideAluminum, Mild Steel, Soft Metals10-10 Series
40-634/solid carbidePlastics, Soft Metals,Aluminum, Copper, Brass10-10 Series
40-648/solid carbidePlastics, Soft Non-Metallics10-10 Series
40-65Carbide BurrGlass Laminates10-10 Series
40-66Diamond PlateGlass Laminates Ceramics, Graphite10-10 Series
40-712/carbide tipStee,AIuminum,Copper, Brass10-20 Series to 10-70 Series
40-722/solid carbideStee, Stainless, Most Free Machining Metals10-20 Series to 10-70 Series
40-734/solid carbidePlastics, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Soft Materials10-20 Series to 10-70 Series
40-748/solid carbidePlastics, Soft Non-Metallics10-20 Series to 10-70 Series
40-75Carbide BurrGlass Liminates, Graphite, Composites10-20 Series to 10-70 Series
40-76Diamond PlateGraphic, Glass Laminates, Ceramics, Graphite10-20 Series to 10-70 Series