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MicroStar MHV-1000Z Digital Micro Hardness Tester

MicroStar Series MHV-1000 precision Micro Vickers & Knoop Hardness Machines with integrated technology of optics, mechanics and computations.

MHV-1000Z is available with single Indenter HV or HK and Model MHV-1000Z with double Indenter, HV and HK. The MHV 1000A series is equipped with a LCD screen and can display the measuring methods, testing force, indentation length, hardness value, dwell time, as well as the number of measurements.

Test Loads: 10gf (0.098N) 25g (0.246N) 50gf (0.49N) 100gf (0.98N) 200gf (1.96N) 300gf (2.94N) 500gf (4.90N) 1000gf (9.80N)

Standard delivery: X-Y Anvil, Digital Eyepiece 10X, Mini-Printer, Power cable, Accessories Box, Level Screw and anti-dust Cover.

United Testing Systems Canada Limited will ensure compliance with National Standards for all Hardness Testers sold, ESA Compliance and Certification.

Power Requirements: 110V, 60Hz, One Phase. 

Hardness Testers Accessories

Optional Accessories:
Digital Micrometer Head 25mm
Digital Eyepiece 15x
LCD Video Monitor
Analogue X-Y Anvil
Vickers CCD Adapter 1.5x
USB Camera USB-V1
Vickers Measuring Software
Lens & Indenter Switch:Auto-Turret
Indentation Measurement:Digital Sensor Measurement
Load Control:Automatic (Loading,Dwell,Unloading)
Microscope Magnification:Observation:10x;Measurement:40x
Digital Eyepiece:Magnification:10x
Auto Hardness Conversion:HV,HRC,HB
Dwell Time:Adjustable 1 - 99s
Testing Range:1HV - 2967HV
X-Y Anvil:Travel:25x25mm;Resolution:2um
Illumination:Adjustable LED 6V, Cold light-source
Max.Height of Specimen:70mm
Throat Depth:95mm