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United Electro Mechanical Universal SSTM Testing Machine

United Electro-Mechanical Universal SSTM Testing Machine, table model is affordable, ultra-accurate, Single-column Materials Universal Testing Machine for those low capacity testing needs. The United Electro-Mechanical Universal SSTM will conduct tests in tension and or compression (universal). Ideal for use in most testing situations including test labs, R&D applications, quality control and production testing. United 'SMART' Testing Machines meet the requirements of ASTM E-8, and ASTM E-83.

United Testing Systems Canada Limited will ensure compliance with National and International Standards for all Tensile Testing Machines sold, ESA Compliance and Certification.

Power Requirements: 115/230V, 60Hz, 20A, Single Phase.

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SSTM Single Column Model Top tensile Machine
Full & Return Speedsin/min 40in/min 40
Full & Return Speedsmm/min 1016mm/min 1016
Minimum Speedin/min 0.00007in/min 0.00007
Minimum Speedmm/min 0.0017mm/min 0.0017
Maximum Force at Full Speed112lbf/0.5kN450lbf/2kN
Maximum Speed at Full Loadin/min 40in/min 40
Maximum Speed at Full Loadmm/min 1016mm/min 1016
Total Crosshead Travel30in/762mm30in/762mm
Total Vertical Test Space30in/762mm30in/762mm
Clearance Between ColumnsSingle ColumnSingle Column
Frame Stiffnesskblf/in 5kblf/in 5
Frame StiffnesskN/mm 0.14kN/mm 0.14
Approximate Dimensions & Weights