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Mark-10 Force Gauges Series M5

Series 5 Advanced  Force Gauges feature and industry-leading sampling rate of 7,000 Hz and 0.1% accuracy, production reliable, accurate results even in quick-action testing. Additional advanced features such as averaging mode, external trigger mode, pass word protection, and data memory for 1,000 readings make this flexible Force Gauge series ideal for a wide range of applications.

Averaging set points with outputs, external trigger, extension rod, chisel, cone, v-groove, flat, hook, AC adapter/charger and carrying case USB,RS-232 Mitutoyo analog outputs.  

Test Stands

Force Gauges Series M5
Accuracy: +/- 0.1% Full Scale
Capacity: Model:Order No:
0.12 lbf (0.5 N)M5-01225-10-00
0.25 lbf (1 N)M5-02525-10-01
0.5 lbf (2.5 N)M5-0525-10-02
2 lbf (10 N)M5-225-10-03
5 lbf (25 N)M5-525-10-04
10 lbf (50 N)M5-1025-10-05
20 lbf (100 N)M5-2025-10-06
50 lbf (250 N)M5-5025-10-07
100 lbf (500 N)M5-10025-10-08
200 lbf (1 kN)M5-20025-10-09
500 lbf (2.5 kN)M5-50025-10-10
1000 lbf (5 kN)M5-100025-10-11