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Brinell Test Block Standards & Accessories ASTM-E10 ISO 6506

All of our Standardized Brinell Hardness Test Blocks come certified to applicable standards. A strict procedure for the calibration of these standardized Brinell Hardness Test Blocks, and the accuracy of the tester is maintained using a proving ring and load cell both traceable to N.I.S.T. The readings themselves are done using a stage micrometer also calibrated and traceable to N.I.S.T.

Each standardized Brinell Hardness Test Block is supplied with a traceable ISO/IEC 17025 accredited certificate and meets the requirements of ASTM-E10. Brinell Hardness Blocks can also be supplied with a Grid Pattern that adhere to the spacing requirements as per ASTM-E10. Available with GRID etching.



Please note: When ordering please specify BHW Values you require.
Part No.:Load:Ball:Ranges:
BTA-45-30003000 Kg Load10mm All Ranges
BTA-45-20002000 Kg. Load10mm All Ranges
BTA-45-15001500 Kg. Load 10mmAll Ranges
BTA-45-1000 1000 Kg. Load10mm All Ranges
BTA-45-0500 500 Kg. Load10mm All Ranges
BTA-45-0250250 Kg. Load 5mm All Ranges
BTA-45-0187187.5 Kg. Load5mmAll Ranges
HTA-267-LBTBLight Brinell2.5mmAll Ranges
Certified Carbide Brinell Balls:
Part No.:Carbide Ball: