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Plug and Test

Sensor capacity and resolutions may be programmed via an included software utility, which includes a library of common force capacities from 0.12 to 750,000 lbf (0.5 N to 4,000 kN), and torque capacities from 10 ozfin to 40,000 lbfft (7 Ncm to 57,000 Nm). An identification number may be programmed, which is displayed upon indicator power-up or the indicator’s Information screen. Through Plug & Test technology, all configuration and calibration information is saved within the adapter. This flexibility allows for interchangeability between multiple sensors with any Mark-10 indicator.

The Plug & Test connector must be inserted into the receptacle of the 7i, 5i, or 3i indicator with the side marked “Plug & Test Technology” facing up. When fully inserted, the connector will lock into place with a “click”. To release the connector, press both buttons on either side of the indicator housing to release the sensor, pull the connector completely out of the indicator by holding the curved aluminum section. In order to accommodate a variety of testing requirements, the orientation of the Plug & Test connector may be set up in either of the two positions shown. To change the orientation, loosen the two captive screws on the back side of the housing, separate the two housing halves, rotate one half 180 degrees, and reassemble. Contact between the two halves is made by the spring pins and contact pads on the printed circuit boards.

Part No: 25-01-05