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Wire Crimp Tester MR 06-200

The MR06-200 Wire Crimp Pull Sensor is a hand-operated solution for measuring Wire Crimp pull-off forces. The Ergonomic handles and convenient tensioning mechanism make field measurements a breeze for applications up to 200 lbf (1,000 N). Squeeze the handles together to increase tension on the sample until a break occurs. The peak force is recorded by the indicator. A rotating turret with slots of multiple sizes accommodates a wide range of wire diameters, up to 0.25 in. (6.4 mm).

Unique Plug & Test technology allows for interchangeable sensors to be used with a Mark-10 indicator. All calibration and configuration data is saved in the smart connector. The Plug & Test connector locks into the receptacle in the indicator when fully inserted. Dual buttons on the indicator housing release the connector for easy removal. Gold plated spring contacts ensure long lasting and reliable connection.

Order No: 25-37-00



Accuracy+/- 0.5% 0f full scale + indicator
Safe Overload150% of full scale
Weight2.5 lbs
Slot Dimensions (in mm)0.03[0.8], 0.05[1.3], 0.06[1.5], 0.08[2.0], 0.09[2.3], 0.11[2.8], 0.13[3.3], 0.14 [3.6], 0.16[4.1], 0.17[4.3],