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Leeb Hardness Tester SH-500

The MicroStar SH-500 Leeb Hardness Main Features: Multiple Languages selection, memory for 2000 Test Results, saved information including single Measured Value, Mean Value, Impact direction, number of Impacts performed, Material and Hardness. Order No.: 76-05-00

Conforms to ASTM- A956

Probe Type D; The most widely used probe used for the majority of testing applications.

Probe Type DC; Short impact device, for applications in restricted spaces.

Probe Type G; Increased impact energy, used on solid components.

Probe Type C; Reduced impact energy, for surface-hardened components.

Probe Type E; Diamond Indenter for measuring extreme hardness ranges.

Probe Type D+15; Slim measuring nose, for limited space measurements.

Standard Delivery:
Instrument Main BodyRS-232 Data Cable
Impact device type DCertificate of calibration
Hardness block (750-830) HDLCharger
Mini-printerAccessories Box
Cleaning brushInstrument Manual
Optional Accessories:
Item: Item:
Hardness Block(460-540)HDLPrinter paper (Inkjet)
Impact device typeDL,DC,D+15,C,E,G,Data Pro Software
Optional Support RingCustomer to advise