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MD200S Micro/Vickers Measurement System

MD200S Micro/Vickers Automatic Hardness Measurement Systems is provided in one of four versions:

► Basic: The Basic version comes with an USB camera and Measurement Software, it may be adapted to almost all Micro/Vickers Hardness Testers with a camera port. 

► With Turret Control: This version is capable of setting parameters and commanding the operations of the turret of the Hardness Tester.

► Semi-Automatic: This version is supplied with a motorized X-Y stage. The system allows the user to set indentation pattern and path, automatically test and measure multiple points with the mouse. Automatic scanning function for location of test points nn specime edges.

► Full Automatic: The Full Automatic version provides auto-focusing function by raising/lowering the sample stage at each test point, when equipped with the Z axis motor.

Main Features:

Automatic Measurement: With mouse button the system automatically measures the indentation. Hardness conversion, correction and validation: The measured HV value can be converted to other hardness scales such as HB, HR etc. HV can be corrected for non-planar surfaces. The system calculates the minimum sample thickness, minimum test point to sample edge distance etc. for validation. Statistics: Statistical values such as average, standard deviation, CP. Cpk etc. are automatically generated and off-limit values are marked. Data saving and retrieval: System can save and retrieve the hardness measurement data and images in data files. Reporting: With the click on the mouse buttom, the system automatically generates a Microsoft Word or Excel document, with standard or user provided template, to report the measurement data, statistical information, the measurement image and the hardness case curve. 

Standard Features: Image/Video capturing, Camera calibration, Calibration management, Image processing, Document entry, Album management, Data saving and retrieval, Reporting, Printing of images with user specified magnification.