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MicroStar Brinell Hardness Tester SHB-3000D

MicroStar Digital Brinell Hardness Tester Model SHB-3000D Load Cell Force application and measuring system.

Test Forces:  62.5kgf (612.9N) 100kgf (980.7N) 125kgf (1226N) 187.5kgf (1839N) 250kgf (2452N) 500kgf (4903N) 750kgf (7355N) 1000kgf (9807N) 1500kgf (14710N) 3000kgf (29420N).

Automatic application, holding and removal of load. Accuracy conforms to ASTM-E10, ISO 6505.

Supplied with 20x Mechanical Microscope.

Selectable Dwell time: 5-60 seconds, LED display, Maximum vertical capacity: 220mm Throat depth: 135mm.  

Power Requirements: 110V, 60Hz, One Phase. 

United Testing Systems Canada Limited will ensure compliance with National Standards for all Hardness Testers sold, ESA Compliance and Certification.

Order No.: 97-70-01


Hardness Testers Accessories

Brinell Measurement BMS-i100

Value - Indicating precision table
Standard Hardness Test Block:Max.error of the indicated value:Repetition error of indicated value:
<125± 3%3%
125± 2.5%2.5%
>125± 2%2%
Correspondent Relations Scale, Indenter, Test, Force
Hardness:Indentation (mm):F/DTest Force kg:Test Force N:
HBW 10/30001030300029420
HBW 10/15001015150014710
HBW 10/1000101010009807
HBW 10/5001055004903
HBW 10/250102.52502452
HBW 10/100101100980.7
HBW 5/7505307507355
HBW 5/2505102502452
HBW 5/125551251226
HBW 5/62.552.562.5612.9
HBW 2.5/187.52.530187.51839
HBW 2.5/62.52.51062.5612.9