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United STM Electro Mechanical Series Universal Testing Machine

United Electro-Mechanical Universal Testing Machines Table Models are available in three standard load frame capacities: STM-30 with a capacity of 30 kN 6,750 lbf, STM-50 with a capacity of 50 kN 11,250 lbf, STM-100 KN with a capacity of 100 kN 22,500 lbf.

The United Smart STM Universal Machine Model is a computer inclusive electromechanical universal testing system designed to work in conjunction with a variety of United test instruments and software, written specifically for different types of sample material including ceramics, plastics, polymers, metals and composites. The STM tensile test series features a wider distance between columns than SSTM and may be ordered with a lower capacity load-weighing system if required. Other options include extended column height and extra wide distance between columns. The STM may be operated on your own sturdy test bench or order a test stand from United and will perform tests in tension and or compression. United SMART Testing Machines meet the requirements of ASTM E-8, ASTM E-9 and ASTM E-83.

United Testing Systems Canada Limited will ensure compliance with National and International Standards for all Universal Testing Machines sold, ESA Compliance and Certification.

Power Requirements: 115/230V, 60Hz, 20A, Single Phase. Testing-Machines-Accessories 

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STM Table Model Machines
Full & Return Speedsin/min 20in/min 20in/min 20
Full & Return Speedsmm/min 508mm/min 508mm/min 508
Minimum Speedin/min 0.00007in/min 0.00007in/min 0.00007
Minimum Speedmm/min 0.0017mm/min 0.0017mm/min 0.0017
Maximum Force at Full Speed6750lbf/30kN11250lbf/50kN22500lbf/100kN
Maximum Speed at Full Loadin/min 20in/min 20in/min 20
Maximum Speed at Full Loadmm/min 508mm/min 508mm/min 508
Total Crosshead Travel42in/1067mm42in/1067mm42in/1067mm
Total Vertical Test Space41in/1041mm41in/1041mm41in/1041mm
Clearance Between Columns22in/560mm22in/560mm22in/560mm
Frame Stiffnesslblf/1n 800lblf/1n 800lblf/1n 800
Frame StiffnesskN/mm 140kN/mm 140kN/mm 140
Approximate Dimensions & Weights