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Mark-10 Force Gauges Series M2

Series 2 Economical Digital Force Gauges are designed for basic tension and compression force testing applications up to 100 lbf (500N). Tension and compression readings are reliably captured via the gauge, ± 0.5% accuracy and 500 Hz sampling rate. 

A backlit graphic LCD displays the current, peak tension, or peak compression reading.

The Force Gauges are overload protected to 150% of capacity, AC or 9V battery.


New Economical Force Gauge Series M2
Capacity:Model:Order No:
2 lbf (10 N)M2-225-12-04
5 lbf (25 N)M2-525-12-05
10 lbf (50 N)M2-1025-12-06
20 lbf (100 N)M2-2025-12-07
50 lbf (250 N)M2-5025-12-08
100 lbf (500 N)M2-10025-12-09
Optional Items
Optional Items Series M2 Calibration & Certification ISO / IEC 17025
ModelDescriptionOrder No:
AC1030AC adapter, 110V US25-29-24
G1038Medium hook, #10-32M25-29-25
G1039Coupling, #10-32F/F25-29-26
G1029Flat head, #10-32F25-29-27
G1026Cone, #10-32F25-29-28
G1025Chisel point, #10-32F25-29-29
G1024Extension rod, 5", #10-32F25-29-30
12-1049Carrying case25-29-31
Calibration1 mode Tension OR Compression 9051Calibration
Calibration2 mode Tension & Compression9052Calibration