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Ergonomics Testing Kits

The Series E Force Gauges make job task analysis and ergonomics analysis simple and accurate, ideal for workplace design, strength assessment and ergonomic studies. The series E offers professionals and ergonomists with an economical solution to perform tests within the specified force ranges alongside a wide range of attachments for various applications.

Features & Specifications:

  • Measure real time and peak push/pull forces
  • Measuring ranges - 100,200 and 500 lbF( 500,1000 and 2500 N)
  • Accuracy : +/- 0.2% Full Scale
  • USB data output. Sampling rate - 7000 Hz.
  • High/Low limit indicators, for pass/fail and minimum force testing.
  • Averaging mode calculates average force over a period of time.
  • 5000 point data memory - data points may be saved individually or logged continuously upto 7000 Hz. Data points may be bulk downloaded to included MESUR™ Lite data collection software. 
  • statistical calculations for saved data points.
  • includes an AC adapter/charger, rechargeable battery, MESUR™ Lite software, MESUR™ gauge 90-day trial, USB cable, USB driver, carrying case, and NIST - traceable certificate of calibration with data.

CLICK-LOCK Technology attachments without fastening mechanisms available (90 degrees and 180 degrees orientations).




Test push/pull strength and functional task requirements up to 500 lbf. These Ergonomics Kits make job task analysis and Ergonomics simple and accurate. Ideal for workplace design, strength assessment and Ergonomic studies. These Ergonomics Kits present the ergonomist and other professionals with simple and Economical testing solutions.The kit includes a force gauge with data output, MESUR™ Lite data collection software a Clevis pin and USB cable.

Ergonomics Kits are available in capacities of 100 lbf, 200 lbf and 500 lbf. Accuracy: series EK3 +/-0.3% series EK5 +/- 0.1%.

New accessories available:

  • E1013 Myometer Accessory - for use with series E ergonomic gauges. PART NO: 25-23-71


  • E1012 Looped cable - Flexible stainless steel looped cable for use in pull testing applications.                         PART NO: 25-23-72



Series E Ergonomics Force Gauges
Capacities and Resolutions:
Model:lbFozFkgFgFNkNOrder No:
ME-100100 x 0.021600 x 0.550 x 0.0150000 x 10500 x 0.1 -25-23-85
ME-200200 x 0.053200 x 1 100 x 0.02-1000 x 0.21 x 0.000225-23-86
ME-500500 x 0.18000 x 2250 x 0.05-2500 x 0.52.5 x 0.000525-23-87
Advanced Testing Kits
Model:lbFozFkgFgFNkNOrder No:
EK5-100100 -50-500-25-23-93
EK5-200200 -100-1000-25-23-94
EK5-500500 -250-2500-25-23-95
EK3-100100 -50-500-25-23-98
EK3-200200 -100-1000-25-23-96
EK3-500500 -250-2500-25-23-97
COMPARISON - Series EK3 Vs Series EKE Kits
Accuracy+/- 0.3%+/- 0.2%
Sampling Rate2000 Hz7000 Hz
Units of MeasurementlbF,kgF,NlbF,ozF,kgF,n,kN
USB data outputyesyes
Averaging Modenoyes
On-board data memory and statisticsnoyes
Continuous data capturenoyes
Accessory Mounitngtraditional mounting threadsClick-lock technology
Password protectionnoyes
Available accesoriesyesyes
Single handle gripyesyes
Double handle gripyesyes
Padded attachment,curvedyesyes
Padded attachment,flatyesyes
Padded attachment,squareyesyes
Padded attachment,circularnoyes
Hookclevis gripsnap hook
Chain/hook assemblynoyes
Pistol gripnoyes
MESUR Lite software includedyesyes